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Shana D.

"Sanding Solutions helped me with multiple projects that I had started and stopped due to not having the time to finish them. Sanding my cabinets sounded easier than it really was! Thank goodness for Mike!!!! He was a life savor! I highly recommend if you plan on taking on a DIY project and you get stuck when it comes to sanding to call Mike and let the pros handle it!!!!!!"


Sharon B.

"I have a rather large dated kitchen and my husband and I planned on remodeling. I had envisioned my boring wooden cabinets with some rich color! I hired Sanding Solutions to sand the gloss off to prep for painting and I could not be happier. Mike went above and beyond to help us and my kitchen looks clean and classy now. Highly recommend!"


Bryan D.

"I do maintenance and construction for a property up north past Indian Lake. Most of the cabin doors were in need of sanding after decades of use. Sanding Solutions saved me both time and money for this massive endeavor. I will be returning for other projects."

Image by Windows

Linda D.

"Words can’t even express how happy I am to have found Sanding Solutions. I had been dreading painting my kitchen cabinets for years because I knew the sanding was going to be time-consuming and tedious.

Everything about this process was exceptional and easy; from the great-price quote to drop off and pick up. Christine was even able to accommodate a special request. My cabinet doors and drawers were flawless and ready to be primed within a day. Thank you, Sanding Solutions!!!"

Image by Julia Koi

Daniel P.

"Nice work!! Prompt service!! Very pleasant go work with!! Thank you."

Sarah test.png

Sarah R.

"Beyond impressed. Sanding Solutions arrived at 7:00 am and didn’t stop until the job was done. I asked for a basic wall demo and framing job, what I got was so much more! Incredible attention to detail and nothing was done halfway. Mike listened to what I asked for but also improvised and improved on things I wouldn’t have thought of. Last but certainly not least, he moves at a pace that is super human. He did not stop.

Thank you Sanding Solutions, we will be using your services again and again!"

Image by Mikhail Volkov

Omar V.

"Fast, convenient, and affordable. They saved me a weekend of sanding. Definitely worth it when you factor in prep, materials, and clean-up. Will definitely consider them for any future projects."

Image by Bailey Cullen

Terra R.

"I started hand sanding my cabinet doors myself at home, and quickly realized I was in over my head. I saw an ad for Sanding Solutions pop up on Facebook and sent a message. They were, responsive and attentive, so we gave them a try. Once they received the doors, the finish was tricky and they couldn't risk damage to their machinery, so they ended up having to hand sand to get the job done. They were completely professional the entire process, even with the difficulties that arose with my job. Thanks guys. Great Job!"

Image by Ahmed Galal

Scott C.

"Had our cabinets sanded down. What a professional operation. Fast, efficient, and totally worth it! Highly recommended this service!"

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Ryan S.

"Mike was absolutely fantastic. He showed up 7:30/8AM on both days and worked until he was done. Pricing was super reasonable and the quality is amazing. On top of that, he's a genuinely nice person and easy to talk to. 10/10. Would recommend and will be using him for future projects for sure."


Disclaimer: Sanding Solutions utilizes brush sanding technology on some of the finest machinery in the industry.  The flexibility of the brushes allows us to reach in and sand the profiles of the wood, leaving a uniform surface ready for paint on old doors.  Due to the flexibility of the system we cannot remove all the old paint and or the old stain.  The sanding of surfaces on old doors and drawers is really utilized for painting afterwards.  We will remove the top clear coat which can drastically reduce hand sanding time. To strip a door of stain, you will still have some hand sanding to do after we sand, if you are looking to re-stain with a lighter color. You will see slightly broken edges on the doors, which is needed for proper paint adhesion.

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