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*With ten years of experience training the largest cabinet manufacturers in the world the proper way to sand cabinet doors, we decided to put our machinery to work for the average homeowner, smaller manufacturers, and local contractors. 


We know how time-consuming sanding can be, and we know how much it can cost in materials & labor. But we also know that our machinery can cut the time and save you money. 


Not seeing anyone in the local market offering this type of service we knew it was needed!

Inquire about a project today and let us do all the hard work!

Disclaimer: Sanding Solutions utilizes brush sanding technology on some of the finest machinery in the industry.  The flexibility of the brushes allows us to reach in and sand the profiles of the wood, leaving a uniform surface ready for paint on old doors.  Due to the flexibility of the system we cannot remove all the old paint and or the old stain.  The sanding of surfaces on old doors and drawers is really utilized for painting afterwards.  We will remove the top clear coat which can drastically reduce hand sanding time. To strip a door of stain, you will still have some hand sanding to do after we sand, if you are looking to re-stain with a lighter color. You will see slightly broken edges on the doors, which is needed for proper paint adhesion.

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